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GrenX offers its members the opportunity to sell a proprietary blend of EGCG rich green tea. (EGCG or epigallocatechil gallate is a very powerful antioxidant). It also includes Noni, Acia, Resveratrol (the antioxidant found in red wines and grape skins), and Pomegranate Extract. It comes in a wide variety of flavors that contains over 500 mg of polyphenols and 200 mg of EGCG per serving. Besides boosting the immune system, the product touts increased energy and help in weight reduction.




GrenX makes a proprietary green tea supplemenat concentrated powder beverage that includes a blend of Green Tea, Noni Juice, Acia, Resveratrol (the antioxidant found in red wines and grape skins), and Pomegranate Extract. It comes in a wide variety of flavors that contains over 500 mg of polyphenols and 200 mg of EGCG per serving.

The product comes in convient single serving "pixies" that can be added to a bottle of water, shaken and drunk. This makes it easy to tote around a package in a purse or pocekt or store in your car's glove box for whenver you need it. 


The GrenX compensation plan is a nice combination of a unilevel and binary payment system, something you don’t see very often. It gives the distributor maximum flexibility and the ability to create depth. It is a bit complicated but we will distill the essentials. Please see the website for further details.  

The GrenX compensation plan is “consumption” driven. The goal, rightfully so from a business model, is to get you and your customers to consume more product. Here are the basics:

To become a distributor, you must “buy-in.” To GrenX’s credit, the buy-in is very reasonable at $85.00. This includes 3 CD’s and information that will help you develop your personal business. By becoming a distributor, you gain the right to purchase product at wholesale prices. A box of 60 tea packets (pixies) retails for $79.95. As a distributor, you can purchase it for $67.50 or less, depending on your sales volume (you can get it down to $54.00). $67.50 is about a 15% savings over retail.

You must purchase a minimum of 2 boxes a month and be set up on Auto-Ship to stay eligible to earn commissions. The idea is that you’d be consuming at least a box per month yourself and either selling the second box retail to someone or giving it away as samples.

There are 8 types of distributors and GrenX will pay up to 9 levels deep, depending on your position. The Types of distributors are (see the key at the bottom of the chart for abbreviations):

Levels Paid
$67.50 PSV
Local Executive
PSV - $135 
GSV - $800
Distributors Needed - 3
Regional Executive
PSV - $135
GSV - $2400
PCSV - $67.50
Local Executives Needed - 3
National Executive
PSV - $150
GSV - $7500
PCSV – $67.50
Regional Executives Needed - 3
PSV - $200
GSV - $25,000
PCSV – $135
National Executives Needed - 3
Executive Director
PSV - $400
GSV - $75,000
PCSV – $217.50
Directors - 3
Director Legs Needed - 3
National Director
PSV - $400
GSV - $240,000
PCSV – $290
Directors in Downline - 4
Director Legs - 3
Presidential Director
PSV - $500
GSV - $500,000
PCSV – $362.50
Directors in Downline – 5
Director Legs -3


  • PSV – Personal Sales Volume (Product you have personally purchased)
  • GSV – Group Sales Volume (Total of product your entire chain has purchased)
  • PCSV – Personal Customer Sales Volume (Strictly a retail customer on you’ve personally set-up on auto-ship and who does not participate in the biz op.)
  • Distributors  - Customers you have personally converted to a distributor or a person signed up as a distributor when they joined

There are basically 2 types of customers, a Retail Customer and a Sponsored Distributor. A Retail Customer is someone who is set up to buy tea from you, and that’s all. They are not involved in the business aspect. If they are set up on auto-ship, they count towards your PCSV. You buy the tea at wholesale and sell it to them at retail. You keep the profit and can earn bonuses the more you sell.

A Sponsored Distributor is someone you sell tea to that then also becomes a distributor or immediately signs up as a distributor. They are now “under” you. You can earn bonuses on their business and their chain.

There’s a fast start bonus and a few other bonuses. Click here for more details.


 Roger Hendrix, Sr. is Chairman of GrenX. Dr. Hendrix, throughout his career as a strategic consultant, commentator and author has assisted hundreds of companies, developed long term successful strategies and keept them motivated. His clients include some of the country’s and world’s most influential companies and organizations. They include The American Red Cross, Security Pacific Corporation (now Bank of America), Siemens, Bonneville International, and The Dallas Morning News, etc.

Josh Smith, CSCS & MS in exercise physisiogy, is VP of product development and is a nationally recognized health promotion specailist.

Of note, on the advisory board is Dr. Matt Todd Anderson, MD. Dr. Anderson has been the primary and sub investigator in several double blind research studies, the MD observer in several pharmaceutical trials and is the affiliated investigator at Physicians Research Options