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Global Information Network

The Global Information Network (GIN) is an exclusive club for the training and mutual success of its Members. It also offers a unique home-based business opportunity for people who want to sell memberships in the club.


The only product is a Membership to the Global Information Network. A GIN Member gets:

  1. Access to documents and training materials in a members-only section of the GIN website. Some of the documents supposedly expose the secrets of various secret societies such as the Freemasons and the Bilderberg Group.
  2. Free admission to at least four exclusive conferences per year
  3. Meetings with hugely successful people, including billionaires and celebrities


Already a GIN Affiliate?

Join the GrandScale GIN Group to meet and share information with other GIN Members and Affiliates.

GIN revamped their compensation plan in January 2010 to make it even more lucrative than it already was. Affiliates and Members get a $200 commission for every Member they sponsor. They also get a $200 commission for every Member sponsored by those Members. Members also get ongoing residuals from Members in their downline. Commissions continue to 7 levels deep. In addition there are Breakaway Bonuses of up to an additional 9% on sign-up fees and dues after you have signed up 50 people or more. At the very highest level you can also qualify for a profit sharing bonus.

In any calendar month a Member or Affiliate must sign up at least one new Member in order receive commissions from their downline. If someone does not sign up a new Member, those downline commissions roll up to the first Member or Affiliate in the upline that has signed up a new Member this month.This "breakage" can add up big numbers pretty quickly.


Kevin Trudeau is the man behind GIN. He is supported by 30 other "wealthy individuals" who choose not to be identified. Trudeau has had issues with making false claims about products in the past. However this program carries less risk in that regard since there are no tangible products.