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Trump Network Review: Hot MLM for 2010

A celebrity billionaire like Donald Trump gets people's attention wherever he goes.  When he lends his name to a network marketing company, you can be sure the marketers in that company will command attention too.

We think the Trump Network, which just launched officially in November 2009, will be one of the hottest MLM opportunities of 2010.  Here's why.

Built on a Solid Foundation

Trump has done a deal with Ideal Health to transform that company into the new Trump Network. Ideal Health has been around since 1997 and they have been a fairly strong company that entire time. But now that they are under the Trump umbrella, they are experiencing rapid growth like never before.

Initial reports say that product sales increased a whopping 346% in the first two months after the company was rebranded. More recent reports show a large increase in marketer recruiting in the months right before the official launch. Clearly Trump has reinvigorated Ideal Health and turned it into a star performer.

But could Ideal Health's long history actually be a drawback? Could the market for their products already be saturated? Is there enough growth potential left?

We don't think these concerns will be a problem. By rebranding themselves, the company has expanded their potential market due to better name recognition. In addition they have added some compelling new products that let the company expand into new areas.

Expanding Product Line

Ideal Health's signature product was the Custom Essentials line of customized vitamins. The vitamins are still a core offering for the Trump network, but other products have been added too. The Silhouette Solution line is a series of weight-loss products, similar to NutriSystem, that was introduced a few months ago and has been selling well.

A newer offering is Snaggle Snaxxs, a line of healthy (low sugar, low salt) packaged snacks for kids. This line looks like a real winner since it fills a market niche that's currently wide open.

Strong Compensation Plan

How fast is the payback with Trump? You can join for as little as $48, which gets you a Merketing Kit, but which doesn't entitle you to $100 per sale "Fast Start Way" commissions. As a result most people buy in to the "Fast Start Way" program, which costs $497. That includes a Marketing Kit plus a package of products. In addition you are enrolled in an monthly Auto-Ship program that sends you products for a minimum of $100 per month.

The good news is that many of the products are tasty, and there's a lot of variety. It's not like you have to get cases of the same energy drink each month.

When you sign someone else up using the Fast Start Way you get $100 direct commission. So the simple math says once you sign up 5 people, you make back your initial investment. But the commissions go 7 levels deep, so when your people sign up more people, you make more as well. Plus you get residuals on the monthly Auto-Ship fees.

The Trump Network is a great "starter MLM" because of the name recognition and the variety of products...

Given the performance and attrition levels of average network marketers, you will probably break even on your initial investment if you get 3 or 4 people to sign up. This is pretty easy compared to some other opportunities out there.

The Trump Network compensation plan includes additional bonuses at higher levels, including a car purchase/lease program for top performers.

Of cource you also earn commissions on products you sell directly to non-marketer customers.

Overall the Trump Network compensation plan is strong. There are multiple ways to earn money, and with 7 levels of commissions you can really leverage your network to increase your income.

Support and Training Available If You Look For It

There are national conference calls at least once a week to keep marketers informed of the latest developments.

Once you are a Trump Network marketer you get access to a lot of printed (PDF) product info and some printed training materials. Many of the materials are still branded as Ideal Health, since the transition to the Trump Network is still occurring.  The company should really provide more online training options however. In particular, marketers could certainly use more help understanding the benefits of the vitamin and neutraceutical products.

Luckily a number of independent "marketing teams" have sprung up to provide additional support for marketers. It's a good idea to get in with one of these teams if you can. Many offer online audio or video training, in-person visits from top upline speakers, customized landing pages, and more. We've been involved with the Executive Diamond Team, for one, and we have been impressed with the depth of support they provide.

Conclusion: Get In While It's Hot

Let's face it, the "hook" for the Trump Network is the name Trump. It gets people's attention, and it makes it much easier to present the opportunity to prospects.

And there's a solid company with a solid product line behind it all. It's clear that the Trump Network is not a scam or a fly-by-night opportunity.

We think the Trump Network's breakout period is right now.

In the three weeks since the official launch the internet search traffic and AdWords keyword costs for terms like "trump network" have increased dramatically. This is a pretty good indicator of major online interest in the topic.

If you've been successful at network marketing before, you should look seriously at the Trump Network. If you haven't done much network marketing before, first assess whether the business is right for you. If so, the Trump Network is a great "starter MLM" for new network marketers because of the name recognition and the variety of products they offer.


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