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StemTech Review: Stem Cell Magic

Stem Cells, they’ve been called the medical breakthrough of the century, promising to revolutionize medicine. They are “master cells,” able to transform themselves into specific cells, aiding the body in repair and renewal.

There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult. Embryonic stem cells, as the name implies, exist in the fertilized egg. These undifferentiated cells divide to become the vast variety of specialized cells throughout the body. However, it has been found that stem cells also exist in the mature, adult body and have the same bio-qualities as embryonic stem cells.

Stem cell research has demonstrated the amazing restorative properties of stem cells; their ability to repair cellular damage and enhance the entire immune system, but useful, practical application has eluded the average person, until now.

Company: StemTech Health Sciences
Product: Supplement
Compensation Plan: Home based business
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Research has shown that in adults, adult stem cells act like a repair system for the body, repairing and regenerating tissue and organs, but as the body ages, the number of free floating stem cells decreases. A recent amazing discovery found that stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow, which gets released into the blood stream to help the body with organ and tissue repair and immunity. It was further discovered that a certain fresh water plant can support the body’s own natural ability to release and regenerate these adult stem cells.

That’s the profound significance of StemEnhance, which uses a natural proprietary, patented botanical extract (vegetarian) to achieve the increase in the natural release and replenishment of bone marrow stem cells. This amazing plant is the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short).

How many home based business products can say they have a double blind research study reviewed and reported in highly respected peer-reviewed medical journal? Well, StemTech can. In 2007, a double blind study was conducted on StemEnhance and reported in Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, showed StemEnhance increased the number of free floating stem cells in the adult subjects by a whopping 25%!

Is this too good to be true? The proof is in the pudding (or the plant extract). I have had personal experience with this product that made me a believer and a user. I had dislocated my little finger playing basketball a few years ago. After a couple of years, I noticed my finger getting stiff and painful when trying to close my fist. My doctor told me arthritis was setting in that joint. About that time, I ran across StemTech, saw the research and gave it a try. Within 4 months the pain and stiffness were gone and have never returned. There is now no evidence of arthritis in the finger. Of course your experience may be different, and StemTech is careful not to make any medical claims.

Will this work for everybody? Who can say, but at the very attractive cost of the product, even at retail, I’ll certainly continue to take it. But it doesn’t stop there.

StemTech Health Sciences knows how much people love their pets. What pet owner doesn’t want their “precious” to live a long, healthy life? StemPet does the same for pets that StemTech does for humans, increases the availability of free floating stem cells. They have another product, StemEquine that is specifically geared to horses.

In addition, they have developed another product for humans, StemFlo, that is a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals whose properties improve blood flow, are strong antioxidants, and cleanse and detoxify the body.

Our Conclusion:
This company gives a potential home based business person an amazing group of products to sell with strong support materials, not the least of which is the scientific research. The business start up costs are low and the product’s prices are well within the norm of competitive supplements. The product’s uniqueness gives the owner a wide open market with little competition. Stem cells are a hot topic and prevalent in the news. This gives additional marketing value to StemTech’s products.

Further, business owners get their own website, although there is a small monthly charge for the site. I’d have preferred to see this free. Their compensation plan is solid, although I always dislike when a company has a "balance" policy, meaning that any one leg of your downline cannot represent more than a certain percentage. In Stemtech's case, no one leg can represent more than 50% of your revenue.

Our conclusion is that Stemtech offers great, copmpetetively priced products that are unique, thus giving the business owner an opportunity to sell items that no other company has. A rare find in the home based business industry. To join Stemtech, go to


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